Athletics Track Cleaning,
Maintenance & Installation

Athletic tracks including long jump, triple jumps and javelin areas use a porous base of rubber granules in a two-part polyurethane resin

We offer a full range of servces for:

Rejuvenate and maintain all types of synthetic sports surfaces. We treat:

  • Running Tracks.
  • Athletic Tracks.
  • Ancillary Areas including;
    - Running track/athletics track cleaning
    - Chemical treatment
    - Re-lining
    - Re-surfacing
    - Repairs

Athletic tracks including long jump, triple jumps and javelin areas use a porous base of rubber granules in a two-part polyurethane resin. over time these can become very contaminated leading to trip and slip hazards.

Regular Track Cleaning

Using our unique running track cleaning system we are able to remove ground-in debris, moss, mould and algae from the surface by jetting water in then vacuuming detritus out. The system leaves the track clean and clear and ready for the season. Track cleaning on an 8 lane track normally takes 3-4 days.

Chemical Treatment

The entire running track/athletics track is sprayed with a moss, mould and algae killer and the perimeter is sprayed with a weed killer.


We offer a full and comprehensive re-lining surface for running tracks using two pack polyurethane paints to ensure a long lasting, high quality finish.

Running Track Repairs

Please contact us regarding your specific requirement.


For athletic track maintenance, repair, cleaning, running track surface renovation or a full athletic track construction from scratch - or to change the surface of an existing track from, for example, athletic grass to a polymeric type - we are the experts to talk to with over 20 years experience serving many satisfied customers in the sports and leisure industry.

In order to continue to give of its best and provide a safe environment for participants to perform at their peak, your running track surface requires regular maintenance simply to combat the everyday wear and tear through weather variations and the passage of time.

We can help with regular athletic track cleaning such as advanced pressure wash techniques incorporating specialised polymeric surface cleaning and, where required if a track has been neglected for some while or fallen into disuse, effective running track repair methods including renovations and athletic track resurfacing.

Running track cleaning

Regular athletic track cleaning is important to ensure your track performs to its optimum and is safe for participants through retaining its grip and continuing to drain excess water away effectively.


Experienced professionals

You or your ground staff can attend to regular basic cleaning such as sweeping away debris, but effective cleaning is best left to an experienced athletic track cleaner such as ourselves: we have the expertise and the specialised cleaning equipment such as pressure washers that can powerfully clean away debris, dirt and other contaminants - yet not cause damage to polymeric and other athletic track surfaces.

Our pressure cleaning technique and advanced equipment not only removes debris effectively from your athletics track, but vacuums the dirty water away and into a tank so not simply redistributing it elsewhere in the vicinity as general pressure jetting would. While this specialised running track cleaning may take three to four days for an eight lane track, it may only be required every two years to keep your track in optimum performance condition.

Athletic track maintenance

Along with athletic track cleaning, other types of maintenance is provided such as chemical treatments to prevent the growth of moss and algae -  or the removal of same if your track has become slightly neglected through lack of attention. We also provide running track re-lining services using durable non-slip paint designed to last.



athletic grass
athletic track maintenance

Track cleaning and maintenance schedule

We recommend drawing up a systematic maintenance and cleaning schedule based on your exact requirements such as usage patterns, how susceptible your surface is to certain weather conditions (for example, excessive rainfall increasing the threat of moss or algae formation), and the age of your surface.

We also tailor our track cleaning services to the type of athletic track surfaces our customers have. For athletic grass types such as a synthetic carpet style, then techniques such as specific drag brushing and replacing sand infill in full or in part to soften hardened surfaces may be used.

We can provide one-off inclusive running track quotes for something like a deep clean, a major renovation, or for ongoing maintenance so you can budget accordingly knowing your athletic track maintenance needs are accounted for into the future.

Renovations and repair

Perhaps you are intending to use a track that has not seen action for some time, or you have just taken over a premises where past athletic track cleaning and maintenance has been somewhat lax, and as a result the surfaces are in need of repairs and renovations.

Running track expertise

We have the expertise to help, and can draw up a planned running track repair and renovation schedule to turn an out of condition surface into a top class athletics track. It may be that a deep clean followed by running track re-lining as described earlier will suffice, or perhaps full running track resurfacing will be required.

Rest assured we will advise accordingly, explain your options and provide competitive running track quotes for all proposed work before starting.

Athletic track resurfacing

You may decide to update your track to a new polymeric type surface, or be at a stage where your existing running track surface has simply worn out and is beyond general repair or renovation.

If so, we can install a modern polymeric running track surface that - backed with our tailored athletic track maintenance service - will ensure you benefit from a modern surface that will provide a top level performance area for competitive athletes for many years to come.

Talk to the athletics track specialists today to get the best from your existing surface or investigate the options of a new one: we have been maintaining, repairing and resurfacing running track for many satisfied customers for over two decades.