Established since 1991, Waterlow kennels are Set in 5.5 acres of Norfolk countryside. The owners visited our showroom wondering if artificial grass would be an option. Although our shorter pile Kings and Queens grass would've been adequate, the option of a shorter pile sports grass was preferred. TigerTurf® Evo Pro grass is a short curly pile grass ideal for sports such as cricket, tennis and hockey. It allows fast movement without being slippery, ideal for quick moving dogs.


The entire floor area of over 200m2 was firstly cleared, the rubber matting removed and cleaned and underlay disposed of. The area was levelled and any large lumps removed from the road planing sub base.

An edge was created to pin or glue the grass to around the perimeter and around the central posts. All concrete central posts were ‘made good’ as they had begun to show signs of wear.

12 tonnes of Granno chippings (6mm to dust) were added to level out the surface and then compacted. The entire area was hand screeded to form a nice even, flat surface. The cleaned rubber matting was then re-laid onto the new base.

TigerTurf®Evo Pro grass was then installed, seams were joined and the edges either glued or nailed. The entire area was then dressed with a kiln dried silica sand.

The result

The owners liked the clean new look of the grass so much they requested other parts of the agility area that were open to the public to be covered with Kings artificial grass. Some of the apparatus was also covered in the longer Kings grass which proved to be very popular with the dogs. The owners were thrilled with the work that was undertaken in a week, they now have a safe clean area where they do both dog agility activities but show their beautiful dogs.