Football & Rugby Cleaning,
Maintenance & Installation

Artificial surfaces are becoming increasingly popular for these sports and are now FIFA & the FA, IRB and RFU approved.

Football & Rugby surfaces

We offer a full cleaning and maintenance program for 3rd generation and 4th generation football/rugby surfaces including infill top up, chemical treatment, part and full rejuvenation and repairs.

These surfaces are longer pile (40-60mm) with a rubber granulate infill and are known as 3rd Generation (3G) or 4th generation (4G). Left untreated, these surfaces can become very compacted and contaminated leading to a slippery, dangerous surface that will flood easily.

Regular Pitch Maintenance

A regular maintenance programme is recommended from new with a periodic part rejuvenation. In the majority of cases this will allow your surface to outlast manufacturers warranties by as much as 50% and ensure good playability throughout the year.

Part Rejuvenation

Part/Full rejuvenation involves replacement of infill and will ensure improved drainage and playing performance. Ideal for previously unmaintained or older surfaces.


We offer a full and comprehensive re-lining service using two pack polyurethane paints to ensure a long lasting, high quality finish.

Pitch Re-lining

From seam repairs to large patches, we can guarantee perfect play even from older pitches that require patching. For further information go to artificial grass rubber infilled surfaces.