Carry out essential surface maintenance during the School Holidays

Maintaining sports facilities – whether at a dedicated club or your local school – can be challenging at the best of times. However, during term time, when you have to fit your maintenance in around PE lessons, after-school clubs, and breaktime activities, it can be all but impossible. Though you’ll be able to take care of a few small jobs during the school day, anything major like line re-painting, chemical treatments, and de-compaction have to wait until you have the grounds to yourself.

This makes the school holidays the perfect time to take care of a range of essential maintenance jobs. With the kids off for weeks, you’ll have the time and the space to tackle those tasks that have been piling up all year. As MAR Services says:

“free of occupants for several weeks, you need to ensure that cleaning tasks that are difficult to achieve during the school year are carried out effectively and efficiently.”


With hundreds of kids using the pitches, courts, and tracks every week, playing surfaces can quickly become dirty. Mud, algae, and mould can all build up on an artificial playing surface. If they’re not removed regularly, your pitch, court, or track could become discoloured or damaged for good.

Use the summer holidays to thoroughly clean all of your playing surfaces, using an algae and mould treatment like AlgoClear Pro to bring your surfaces back to their former glory. Though your playing areas will need cleaning throughout the year, a deep clean during the summer holidays should keep them in good condition well into the new term.


In order to ensure PE lessons are fair and that there are no arguments between pupils, you need to make sure that pitch and court markings are clear, bright, and easy to make out. If you try to re-paint line markings during the school day, kids will inevitably end up walking over your fresh paint, even if you cordon the area off and put up plenty of signs.

Take care of this essential maintenance job during the holidays however, and you can ensure your perfectly painted lines remain straight, clear, and crisp until they’re dry and ready for action.

De-compaction and refills

Sand-filled and sand dressed surfaces will need to be brushed, de-compacted, and refilled periodically. Though this maintenance job can be done during term time, it will put sports facilities out of action for a day or two while you undertake the work. Take care of it during the holidays and you can take your time and ensure the job is done properly.

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