Getting a hard tennis court ready for summer

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start preparing your tennis court for the season. According to @SMSInc_UK, “More than 2 million people play regular tennis in the UK.” That means there are a lot of players who’ll be expecting smooth surfaces, clean lines and well maintained facilities when they hit the courts this summer.

Though hard tennis courts are relatively easy to maintain, giving the surface regular care and attention will help it to stay in good condition for longer. Providing players with a high quality court and ensuring you get value for money from your investment, a well-maintained surface will help to make your court into a winner. To help ensure your hard surface is ready to go, here’s how to prepare it for the busy summer season.


Over the winter months, mould, mildew, and debris can easily build up on your hard tennis court. If moss and mould take hold, they can contaminate the macadam surface. This can lead to the macadam breaking up, causing an uneven surface and potential trip hazards. Giving the court a deep clean will help to clear it of mould and moss and prevent the surface from becoming damaged. It’s a good idea to pressure wash the surface at least twice per year for best results.

Chemical treatments

If moss and mould are already present in your hard tennis court, you may need to use a chemical treatment to remove them. Regular treatments will help to get rid of any contaminants in your macadam surface and prevent further growth of moss, mould, algae and other organic matter.


Over time the crisp white lines on your hard tennis court will fade. This can be accelerated by heavy use, bright sunshine or poor weather conditions. If your lines are looking a little faint, having them repainted for the summer season will make for a better playing experience. You’ll need to get a professional in if you want your white lines to be straight and clean. The process is relatively quick and easy so you’ll have your bright white markings ready to go in no time.


Even the finest quality hard tennis court will slowly break down over time. Re-binding it will help to secure the surface and ensure it lasts as long as possible. Re-binding should be done at least every five years. Having the treatment done in the run up to the summer will give keen players a great surface to work with.

Carefully preparing your hard surface tennis court for the summer will help it to stay in great condition throughout the year. To find out more, contact a member of our team to take a look round our site.

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