Getting your artificial grass tennis court ready for summer

Every summer the long, sunny days and the Wimbledon fortnight encourage thousands of people to pick up their rackets and hit their local tennis court. A fantastic way to keep fit, get some fresh air and have fun, like Health Fitness Revolution says, “Tennis keeps your cardiovascular and muscular system in top shape even as you age. Plus, you can’t beat a strategic mental game that lets you enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors.”

To get your tennis court ready for the crowds this summer, you need to carry out a few essential maintenance jobs. By taking care of these jobs before the summer season starts in earnest, you can ensure your artificial grass playing surface is in perfect condition.


Over the winter months, dead leaves, twigs and other debris can easily build up on the tennis court’s playing surface. Clearing the artificial grass and ensuring it’s as clean as possible should be one of the first jobs on your pre-summer to do list.


Ideally, you should carry out a full maintenance programme twice a year. When dealing with an artificial grass tennis court this should include drag brushing, de-compaction, power brushing, infill top ups, chemical treatments and infill filtration – where appropriate. Investing in a regular maintenance programme can help to increase the lifespan of your artificial grass surface by as much as 50% and will ensure excellent play-ability throughout the summer and beyond.

Seam and patch repairs

Even the best maintained artificial grass courts will see their seams and joints fail over time. These can cause trip hazards and make the surface unsuitable for play, so it’s best to get them repaired as quickly as possible. Before the summer heats up, take a look over your surface to check for breaks and tears. If you find any, call in the professionals straight away.

Line marking

Clear, crisp markings not only help to improve play, they also keep your tennis court looking good. Repainting the lines will help to ensure a high quality experience for all the players who use your court this summer.


If the artificial grass playing surface is in poor condition, it may require full or partial rejuvenation to bring it back to full working order. Look out for standing water and muddy patches as these are often signs the infill needs to be replaced. Rejuvenating the surface will help water to drain more efficiently and will help to keep the tennis court in good condition.

If you’re planning on giving your artificial grass tennis court the care and attention it needs before the summer starts, we can help. Contact a member of our team to find out more.

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