How to win at Wimbledon! – Factors affecting tennis court performance

The most famous, and most prestigious, tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon 2016 is now just around the corner. Players will be stepping up their training regimes, grounds keepers will be putting the finishing touches to the courts, nets and stands and caterers will be slicing up strawberries like there’s no tomorrow.

As all Brits know, winning Wimbledon isn’t easy. However, by putting the right care and maintenance into your playing surface, your training schedule and your tactics, you can help improve your game and ensure any aspiring Andy Murray’s in your household have the best possible chance of hitting the big time.


The key to success in any sport is training. In order to be in with a chance of winning Wimbledon, or even your local tennis tournament, you need to put in hours and hours on the court. Aspiring tennis players hoping to hit the professional circuit one day need to mix lessons with tournaments and fitness training in order to develop their skills and achieve their potential. According to Tennis Consult blog:

“if a junior tennis player has talent, then 15 hours a week tennis training plus fitness and tournaments is more than enough for his development”

Even if your tennis court at home isn’t in tip top Wimbledon condition, don’t despair. The team at Artificial Grass Cambridge are experts in bringing older courts back to life. Whether an artificial grass court, macadam hard court or acrylic court the team at Artificial Grass Cambridge can assess it’s condition, check infill levels, seams, patches and can offer a wide range of services from a full surface rejuvenation, removal of compacted infill, moss & algae treatment, re-binding, re-painting, re-lining, pressure washing or a summer clean.

Playing surface

The surface you play on will have a big impact on the quality of your training and the results you achieve. The maintenance team at Wimbledon put hours and hours into ensuring all of the courts at the club are just right, as even small undulations, dents and ridges in a surface can send a ball well off course. The organisers have a huge amount of pride when it comes to their natural grass surfaces.

If you’re lucky enough to have a tennis court at home, or if you manage a sports club or leisure centre, ensuring your playing surface is well maintained is essential. Though general cleaning and upkeep can be done by yourself or by a groundskeeper, repairs and deep cleans are best done by professionals. Experts in artificial surfaces, like the team at Artificial Grass Cambridge, will be able to whip your tennis court into great shape, giving you a flat, level playing surface that will do your game justice.


The coaching team that you have around you will also have a big impact on your development and your level of success. Whether you’re a member of a local club or you have a coach come to your home to train with you on your own court, ensuring you get the right person to push and encourage you onto ever greater things will help to ensure you achieve your tennis potential.

If you want to create a professional standard tennis court in your own home, get in touch with our expert team today.

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