Keeping 3G/4G football surfaces contamination free

In order for players to have the best possible experience of playing on an artificial football pitch, the surface needs to be properly cared for throughout the year. With the right maintenance schedule, your 3G/4G surface will be optimised for play in all weathers. What’s more, looking after your pitch carefully will increase its lifespan, giving you a better return on your artificial grass investment.

What is a 3G/4G surface?

In the world of artificial grass, 3G/4G refers to the next generation in surfaces. This is a surface that’s been created using synthetic fibres and rubber designed to look like grass. More durable, more realistic and more enjoyable to play on, 3G/4G surfaces are becoming increasingly popular in schools, leisure centres and sports clubs across the country.

3G/4G surfaces and contaminants

The reason that 3G/4G pitches become mouldy is pretty straightforward. In the damp, cool UK climate, rainwater doesn’t dry very quickly and the sand at the bottom of the pitch can become water logged. This wet sand creates the perfect environment for moss and algae to grow, contaminating your pitch and damaging your playing surface. Weeds grow on artificial surfaces because pitches are laid on dynamic bases. Grass and other weeds can easily penetrate stone perimeters and surfaces if left unchecked and should be physically removed on a regular basis.

Keeping 3G/4G surfaces mould and algae free

The best way to keep your 3G/4G surface clear of mould and algae is to maintain it continuously throughout the year. Regularly de-compacting the sand in the pitch will help to keep the infill moving and limit the growth of moss, mould, algae and other contaminants. This will help to create a smooth, slip-resistant surface that will be a joy to play on and a pleasure to maintain. As sports writer Graham Ruthven says that when a pitch is well maintained:

“there is increasingly an argument to be made that artificial surfaces actually improve the standard of soccer played on it”.

Chemical treatments

As well as regularly de-compacting your pitch and removing any weeds that are protruding through its surface, you may also need to treat your 3G/4G grass with specialist chemicals. Concentrated products like AlgoClear Pro are very effective in preventing the growth of mould and algae, making it easy for you to maintain your pitch to the highest standard.

Left untreated, wet sand and compacted rubber will create a hard, slippery surface that’s dangerous to play on and unattractive to look at. Regularly brushing and de-compacting your surface, treating it with chemical agents and removing any weeds the moment they appear will all go a long way when helping you create a pitch you’re truly proud of.

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