Our pitch is old and has been neglected, what can we do?

After the high winds, heavy rain, and grey days of winter, artificial pitches across the country will be looking a little worse for wear. Even with a regular maintenance regime throughout the winter months, poor conditions can take their toll on artificial pitches, leaving playing surfaces uneven, dotted with debris and possibly even a few patches of mould and algae.

Luckily for the schools, leisure centres and sports clubs out there, it’s not always necessary to replace an old tired pitch with a brand new one. By simply investing a little time, money and energy into rejuvenating your pitch, you can bring the playing surface back to life and creating a space that’s perfect for players of all standards.

Rejuvenation is a far cheaper alternative than replacement

Rejuvenating a pitch is a much cheaper alternative to replacement. Requiring less manpower, less disruption and fewer machines, rejuvenation will help organisations to revitalise their artificial playing surface without putting pressure on their finances. What’s more, rejuvenating a pitch is much quicker than replacing one – meaning footballs, rugby and cricket players will be able to get back to playing as quickly as possible.

We have low infill, bad drainage, some of our seams are fraying what can we do?

If your artificial pitch is in bad condition, you may need to spend a considerable amount of time bringing it back to its former glory. Bad drainage is often caused by a build-up of debris on the pitch, so try to make sure your surface is clear of leaves, twigs and anything else that can clog the area and prevent water from draining properly.

Seams that are fraying and beginning to fail will need to be patched and repaired properly. Ideally, this work should be done by a professional – poorly repaired seams can start to break apart quickly when played on. If the infill in a pitch is uneven, low or patchy, it can be evened up by replacing some of the infill and by using Artificial Grass’s unique ‘RENEW’ system.

Our facility has been threatened by closure due to health and safety issues, what can you do?

In instances when the pitch is in such poor condition that a facility is threatened with closure due to health and safety concerns, a complete surface replacement may be necessary. The best way to find out whether or not your artificial surface is salvageable is to talk to one of the members of our expert team or ask a professional to have a look.

Like the Saracens Rugby Club, sports centres around the country can use a rejuvenated artificial pitch to revitalise their fortunes. Ed Griffiths, Saracens chief executive recently said, “We’re very confident that for rugby this is a step forward.” With artificial grass encouraging “a faster, safer and more entertaining game”, organisations will help to transform their playing surface and give players a pitch they can really get stuck into.

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