Why you need to maintain your pitch and playing surface

Though artificial playing surfaces are a low maintenance option for schools, leisure centres, and sports clubs (especially when compared to grass surfaces), they still need regular maintenance to keep them looking and performing their best. The better maintained a surface is, the longer it will last and the greater it will perform. Done regularly, surface maintenance is straightforward, manageable, and very effective – ultimately giving players a pitch to be proud of.

If you’re thinking about investing in an artificial surface for your school, sports club, or leisure centre, it’s important to have an idea of the maintenance it will involve and a few reasons why taking good care of your pitch is vital to its longevity and usage.

All surface types need regular maintenance

Whatever type of artificial playing surface you have, it will need regular maintenance to keep it usable. The type of maintenance will vary depending on the surface, its age and how much it is used, but in general, your maintenance regime will include drag brushing, power brushing, infill top ups, de-compaction, chemical treatments and infill filtration.

Seam and patch repairs

However well you look after your playing surface, eventually cracks, abrasions, and worn areas will begin to appear as seams and joints start to fail. These can become trip hazards and will affect the look and feel of your pitch or court. A professional repairs company will be able to replace worn seams and patch degraded areas, bringing your playing surface back to life and leaving you with a pitch to be proud of.

Line marking

Over time, the line markings on your pitch will also start to fade, making play more difficult. Our highly durable paint is made from the highest quality acrylic and polyurethane materials, ensuring you get the best coverage and as much use out of your pitch markings as possible.

Part or full surface rejuvenations

If standing water or muddy patches are appearing on your pitch after rain, the infill in your pitch could be contaminated, thus slowing down the drainage of your surface. In order to remedy this issue, we aim to remove part (or all) of the affected infill. This will ease drainage and prevent further damage to your playing surface.

Seasonal maintenance

The dry, warm weather of the summer months is the perfect opportunity to give your artificial playing surface a bit of maintenance and carry out the larger scale jobs that will help to keep it in good condition. These seasonal works include intensive de-compaction and infill filtration – both of which will help your pitch to drain more efficiently and stay in great condition for longer.

Artificial pitches are becoming increasingly popular around the world. As Bonar Yarns points out: a “major driver for installing artificial pitches is to sustain and grow participation” in sports in the face of dwindling budgets and extreme weather conditions. By creating and sticking to a regular maintenance regime, you can ensure you get the best out of your pitch and provide your players with an excellent surface to enjoy every game.

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