Sand dressed pitches are commonly used in schools and facilities and can be known as 2nd generation surfaces.

Unlike SAND FILLED where the sand goes all the way to the top of the pile and can appear as though you are playing on sand, SAND DRESSED has a more complex pile architecture where the sand only goes between 60-80% of the pile height.

The problem

This particular pitch is shaded on two sides with the far side having an embankment by the fence which leads to the run back sitting wet and getting very little sun. Due to this there is a large amount of moss across this side which creeps onto the pitch. Moss within a surface leads to contamination with the infill which prevents adequate drainage as surface holes are blocked. Pitches become dirty and slippery which is dangerous for play.

The process

Intensive decompaction is the first part of the process carried out using stiff nylon-pile rotary brushes which are tractor driven for ultimate mechanical decompaciton. The brushes reach deep within the pile loosening contaminate. This is then collected and removed from the surface. The infill is then filtered and only clean infill is dropped back onto the pitch. Additional sand infill, Garside 2EW, is then spread and worked into the pitch to replace the contaminated sand. A final brush allows all the infill to drop into the surface and then a chemical treatment of AlgoClear Pro is applied to protect the surface from moss, mould and algae for a further 4-6 months.


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The result

The pitch feel and playability is back to normal and no sign of contamination.

The club were very pleased with the results and no more green socks for the players!