Tennis Court Cleaning,
Maintenance & Installation

We recommend annual deep cleaning programme and regular chemical treatments

With regular maintenance, common problems on these surfaces can be solved.

Common Surface Problems

These tennis courts are made of porous macadam (Tarmac) and are the most popular form of hard court. Moss and mould contaminate the macadam, leading to the surface breaking up and loose stone being present causing a slip hazard and ugly holes.

Regular Court Maintenance

Annual deep cleaning programme and regular chemical treatments. Re-painting/re-binding recommended every 5 years.

Court re-painting

We offer a full tennis court re-lining, re -painting, binding and resurfacing service that will guarantee your hard court retains a long lasting, high quality finish.

As well as providing maintenance for a broad range of tennis clubs we are trusted contractors at many historic and privately owned houses across East Anglia and London.

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For further information go to macadam hard courts.

Artiifcial grass tennis courts are popular for private owners, club/community level and schools. Typical pile height is 18-24mm and the surface is either filled or dressed with fine silica sand.

Regular Court Maintenance

A Regular maintenance programme for artificial grass tennis courts twice per year and a regular chemical treatment is recommended from new; with periodic part rejuvenations. This in most cases will allow your surface to outlast manufacturers warranties by as much as 50% and ensures good playability throughout the year.

Full & Part Rejuvenation

Part/Full rejuvenations involve replacement of infill and will ensure improved drainage and playing performance. Ideal for previously unmaintained or older surfaces.

Court Re-lining

Using two pack polyurethane paints we can re-line or add new lines to your tennis or multi – use games area including Netball, 5/7- a – side football, hockey ‘D’s or mini hockey.

All our staff are enhanced DBS checked and are trusted by us to work in private homes across East Anglia.

This type of court is a specially manufactued artificial grass that is heavily infilled with fine silica sand to recreate the speed and feel of a natural clay court.

Regular Court Maintenance

Two to three visits per year. Including decompaction, infill filtration and top-up/replacement. Moss and algae treatment.

Court Re-lining

Using two pack polyurethane paints we can re-line or add new lines to your tennis or multi – use games area including Netball, 5/7- a – side football, hockey ‘D’s or mini hockey.

The best of non-cushioned tennis court surfaces, these are prone to cracking and drainage issues in the UK climate. These surfaces become contaminated with mould, moss and algae as they can sit in water for much of the year.  Compacted debris leads to a slippery, dangerous surface that is prone to flooding.

Regular Court Maintenance

Regular cleaning and chemical treatments from new with periodic part rejuvenation. As the surface is non porous, it is advised that you invest in water removal equipment.

Court Re-lining

Using two pack polyurethane paints we can re-line or add new lines to your tennis or multi – use games area including Netball, 5/7- a – side football, hockey ‘D’s or mini hockey.

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We have over 20 years industry experience of tennis court resurfacing, tennis court installation, renovating and maintaining four main surface types: tarmacadam, acrylic, tennis artificial grass and artificial clay.

We undertake tennis court resurfacing with astro turf and other materials, and provide maintenance services and tennis court repairs for a range of customers from private householders to sports clubs and local authorities. We can also provide associated services such as new fencing, netting, posts and re-lining - or adding new lines if you wish to create an MUGA (multi use gaming area).

Regular maintenance

Regular tennis court maintenance is vital to keep them performing at their best and continuing to provide maximum safety and comfort to participants. Courts in the grounds of private homes might only be used for a few months of the year so allowing moss, algae and standing water problems to manifest: frequent tennis court cleaning is therefore a must.

We can provide a planned programme of regular maintenance to include annual deep cleans deploying methods such as specialist tennis court pressure washing and tennis court chemical treatment so preventing moss on tennis court build up, and re-painting or re-binding (in the case of tarmacadam) courts to prevent surface break up.

Renovation and replacement

If the surface is damaged or you are interested in updating your tennis court - or courts - with a newer, modern surface such as tennis court artificial grass then we can help. An experienced member of our team would visit you to assess what is possible based on your requirements and likely usage patterns: from there we will provide a clear and all-inclusive tennis court artificial grass price - or a whole tennis court installation cost if you are starting from scratch.

Perhaps you have moved into a new property with an old, poorly maintained court? Maybe frequently used courts at your sports club have simply worn out over time? We can help: even a surface that looks beyond saving may be capable of renovation and repair - we will certainly offer honest advice based on the most cost effective solution for you.

Seasoned professionals

You can rest assured you are dealing with experienced professionals: we offer a 15 year commercial warranty on all work, and artificial tennis grass we install comes with a 10 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

If total resurfacing is required, we can either resurface with the existing type - taramcadam for example - where we will put in a new 40mm (compacted to 32mm) porous macadam layer, or replace with an alternative surface such as artificial grass or acrylic.

tennis grass
tennis artificial grass

Tennis court infrastructure

Perhaps a general renovation and update of your court infrastructure is called for? Is a repainting of the surface and the lines coupled with new lighting and some new posts and nets in order? If so, we can provide modern floodlighting and state of the art LED lighting tech.

Repainting and binding

For courts just beginning to show signs of break up, applying a new acrylic paint layer can solve the problem. It also gives you the chance to have the court painted in a shade other than ‘tarmac black’ - choose from all the various standard tennis court colours.

For more severe damage and surface break up, we can rejuvenate the surface by applying an acrylic binder, painting it in a colour of your choice and then relining.

Conversion of surface

If you are interested in switching from one surface type to a new one - such as from macadam to artificial grass - we can provide tennis artificial grass surfaces in one and two colour options, and ‘tennis grass’ available at various playing speeds suitable for your requirements.

Older tarmacadam surfaces that are breaking up are often nowadays converted to artificial grass tennis courts - the cushioned feel is appealing to clubs and players, and the technology has developed quickly in recent years to make this a popular surface.

Artificial tennis grass experts

To discuss your requirements, contact the professionals with over 20 years tennis court artificial grass experience whether you are interested in installing a new surface or maintaining or repairing your existing one.