The 3G pitch at Broad Market, Hackney is part of the Arsenal FC community project.

The issue with a lot of community surfaces based within inner city estates is that they get a huge amount of use. At Broadway Market, the centre of the pitch was worn out with areas through to the backing of the grass and subsequent damage to the base. The grass pile was sitting completely flat with the rubber and sand compacted right into the base of the pile.

The challenge

With very limited access, less than 1m concrete tunnel, the brief was to repair shock pad damage and replace the damaged areas of 3G grass with the nearest possible match. Rejuvenate the whole surface so that it was safe and playable for the community.

The surface

The 3G artificial grass was cut and rolled back to replace areas of worn shock pad. All worn grass was then cut out ready for replacement. With research, we were able to find out the initial grass used was Playrite® Conquerer so we were able to get a good match. New patches were then added using Envirostick Glue and tape which was then sanded, pile was lifted and then graded down to match the pile height of the existing grass to ensure safe play. An intensive decompaction filtered the current infill, disposing of the most contaminated. The whole surface was then topped up with 6 tonnes of Murfitts recycled premium granulated rubber to the manufacturers specification.


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The result

The large community are now able to safely enjoy and play on the surface. The surface was worn out through the whole communities’ love of sport, especially football.