Sand filled and sand dressed surfaces are extremely popular for club/community level and for schools. They offer a fast game with ‘even’ cushioning for the ball. They are ideal for hockey, tennis, netball and football. Without maintenance the area can become contaminated and compacted leading to a slippery, dangerous surface that is prone to flooding.

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Regular Maintenance

A regular, professional maintenance programme will extend the life of your surface by as much as 50%. Includes: Drag brushing, De-compaction, Power brushing, Infill Top ups, Chemical Treatments, Infill Filtration.

Seam and Patch Repairs

Over time seams and joints fail, these can cause trip hazards and make surfaces unsafe for play. Seams can be replaced and worn areas can be patched and graded.

Line Marking

Over marking worn-out lines or adding extra sports lines to your surface. Our 2 part paint is durable and long lasting. All paint products are made from the highest quality acrylic and polyurethane materials which are tested to ensure durability.


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Part/Full Surface Rejuvenation

Is there standing water and muddy patches appearing on your surface especially after rain? This usually indicates contaminated infill is slowing down the drainage of your surface. We remove part/all contaminated infill easing the flow of standing water.

Seasonal works: Summer rejuvenation (Dry weather is required)

Includes: Intensive de-compaction, infill filtration with a fine filter to remove contamination such as hair, skin, dust and carpet fibre. These contaminates are vacuumed from the surface; their removal aids and improves drainage.

Winter Rejuvenation

Without the correct maintenance regime in place, contaminants such as leaf fall can build up within your surface and stop it draining or leave it draining very slowly leaving deposits of silt on the surface. These areas can be radically improved by our winter rejuvenation allowing your surface to drain far more easily.

The ultimate off-the-shelf tennis court and pitch services artificial grass maintenance programme for sand filled/sand dressed surfaces.

We know how important it is to make your investment work to its maximum potential; that’s why our Pitch Perfection artificial grass maintenance programme gives you the ultimate regime combined with emergency cover and free repairs. This contract assures the user of ultimate performance and longevity – long after the manufacturers’ expected surface life.


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Tennis court and pitch services Include: Monthly Drag brushing/Intensive De-Compaction, Monthly Seam Check and Pitch Inspection,Bi Monthly Power Sweeping, Bi Monthly Chemical Treatment, Free 20m Seam Repairs, Free 24hr Emergency repairs service.