3G Installation
& Resurfacing

3G Ideal Football & Rugby

3G Installation

  • A free site visit from an honest, experienced site manager
  • 3G surfaces are the perfect choice for Football & Rugby, offering a realistic feel good consistent bounce and able to withstand very high usage levels
  • They are ideal for all year round play
  • As a TigerTurf installer we are able to offer some of the best quality 3G grass available.

Services we offer:

  • Design and build to your requirements
  • Resurfacing for older 3G surfaces
  • Upgrade fencing
  • Change of use from older macadam or sand filled artificial grass to 3G
  • Repairs to base
  • A full range of lighting including flood lights and state of the art LEDs
  • Supply of goals and nets

3G Installation & Resurfacing

Construction is usually a 40mm - 60 mm which is supported and weighted with silica sand then in-filled with rubber crumb. The characteristics give a realistic ball bounce and a soft playing surface - ideal for ground contact. 3G pitch artificial grass is a fantastic alternative to natural grass and meets the FIFA, FA, IRB, RFU and RFL accreditations of the football and rugby governing bodies in the UK.


Surfaces such as a 3G artificial pitch for playing high impact sports like football have become ever more popular as the technology for this ‘fake grass’ type of material has improved over the years to the point where the benefits of playing on a softer surface are matched by low 3G pitch maintenance needs.

The 3G pitch cost in terms of installation is, over time, compensated by the ability to play in all weathers compared to grass and, bearing in mind how maintenance intensive real grass is and the associated costs, can save money in the long run.

It is also possible that 3G pitch funding may be available to help promote sports participation in certain environments, such as schools or socially deprived locations, so making 3G pitch installation cost less of an issue.

3G pitches are definitely becoming more popular amongst sports venues and schools as a search for ‘3G pitches near me’ would likely show, and their quality is recognised by football and rugby governing bodies such as FIFA, FA, IRB, RFU and RFL.

Is a 3G pitch astroturf?

The terms ‘astroturf,’ ‘3G pitch astro’ and ‘artificial grass’ are often used interchangeably, but there are certain differences between them. Astroturf is actually the name of an American company who were amongst the first to offer artificial grass-based surfaces so their name became somewhat generic - similar to the way the name of manufacturer Hoover is often used when referring to a vacuum cleaner.

Nowadays astroturf refers generally to sand filled fake grass football and hockey pitches.

Advances in 3G pitch tech

We are accredited installers for TigerTurf - a company with a 20 year track record of artificial surface manufacture.

A 3G pitch installation is used to describe the technology and is not an actual brand: ‘3G’ stands for ‘third generation’ similar to how mobile phone technology uses numbered generations to refer to improving network tech such as ‘4G’ and the incoming ‘5G’.

With a 3G pitch surface, the technology involves the use of silica sand and a rubber crumb infill in conjunction with artificial grass to help cushion the ball and make for a realistic bounce - one area where 3G pitches may be preferable to a hard surface where the ball bounce is usually more pronounced.

The pile height of the grass - like carpet pile - is higher on a 3G pitch compared to a domestic fake lawn, so the rubber 3G pitch infill is also needed to support the higher blades of grass.

Importance of 3G pitch maintenance

While 3G pitches require much less maintenance than real grass, they still require some attention preferably from specialists like ourselves with over 20 years experience and expertise as 3G pitch suppliers and maintenance specialists.

Over a period of time your 3G pitches may need some attention: at the very least regular brushing away of debris and possibly vacuuming may be required, and after a while some rejuvenation may be needed after a prolonged period of hard use. For instance, repairing the base or replacing contaminated 3G pitch infill to prevent the surface becoming too firm may be required.


3g pitch
3g pitch maintenance

Synthetic pitch expertise

We use the the latest in 3G pitch maintenance equipment and have the industry expertise to keep your surfaces performing to their optimum.

A systemic 3G pitch maintenance schedule is a popular option amongst our satisfied customers as it means your maintenance and repairs are always up to date, so keeping 3G pitch cost to the minimum. Regular attention means running repairs, such as small tears or splitting seams, can be attended to promptly before they potentially cause playability issues.

Renovations to your 3G pitch

Along with revitalising your 3G pitches with replacing infill as described above, we can update the general infrastructure of your pitch areas with the supplying of 3G pitch equipment such as modern fencing, new goals and nets, and options for upgrading your lighting including newer floodlight tech such as state of the art LED with its benefits of long life, low maintenance and ultra low running costs.

3G pitch installation and resurfacing

Perhaps you require an entire 3G pitch installation from the bottom up, or wish to update your present set up? Maybe you have an older 3G pitch installation that needs updating? Do you wish to change from a hard or older sand filled artificial grass surface to a modern 3G type?

Whatever your 3G artificial pitch requirements, we can provide your solution: we will come and inspect your current arrangements (where applicable) and discuss your options and 3G pitch installation and provide a full and inclusive quotation for all work involved.

Professional attention

We will then work with you to ensure your 3G pitch - or pitches - are installed to a timetable mutually agreed between us.

We can also draw up a 3G pitch maintenance schedule to ensure your investment performs to its best over the long term.