This surface is most commonly used for running tracks and Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s) and is made up of a porous base of rubber granules in a two part polyurethane resin. The surfaces are prone to contamination from moss, mould and algae and can become slippery and dangerous if left un-maintained.

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Intensive Maintenance and Cleaning

We use specialist pressure washing equipment developed specifically for delicate sports surfaces to deep clean the surface of your running track or multi use games area.

Chemical Treatment

To kill moss, mould, algae and remove weeds from the surface and ensure your running track /MUGA stays slip free and safe.


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Damage can be caused by studs and the movement of equipment. Sections of polymeric rubber can be taken out, replaced and re-sprayed. For smaller repairs a DIY rubber repair kit is available from our shop.


We can over mark worn out lines or add extra sports lines to your surface. Our 2 part paint is durable and long lasting. All paint products are made from the highest quality acrylic and polyurethane materials which are tested to ensure durability