Tennis Court
Installation & Resurfacing

Resurface, replace, re-paint, re-bind, repair & rejuvenate

Installation & Resurfacing

  • Experienced in all aspects of tennis court design and construction
  • We carry out an extensive amount of refurbishment works on existing older courts.
  • A trusted contractor maintaining and installing tennis courts in some of the UK’s top schools, facilities & private homes.

Services we offer:

  • A free site visit from an honest, experienced site manager
  • Conversion of existing hard courts to an artificial grass surface
  • Chain link fencing repairs or replacement
  • Re-painting, Re-binding, Resurfacing and re-painting lines
  • Repairs to base
  • A full range of lighting including flood lights and state of the art LEDs
  • Supply of new nets and posts

Resurfacing older courts

Older macadam courts begin to break up, due to moss, frost and general ageing. There are several options for rejuvenation depending on the severity of the problem:

2 Part acrylic re paint and re line

If the court is just beginning to break up and loose stones are noticed the problem can be solved by applying a new acrylic paint layer. This can be applied in 1 or 2 colours in all standard tennis court colours. New lines are then applied to the court.


If the court has been further damaged and has a lot of loose stones present on the surface an acrylic binder can be applied to the stone prior to painting. From there a new acrylic paint layer is added and lines are painted. This can be applied in 1 or 2 colour in all standard tennis court colours.

New Porous Macadam (Tarmac) layer

If the existing surface is very badly damaged a new 40mm (compacted to 32mm) Porous Macadam layer can be applied to bring a fresh new feel to the court, this also stabilises and regulates ball bounce. Depending on the surface we can either roll off the edges or lift curb edges to accommodate the new Macadam depth. After this process it is possible to paint on the lines and leave it as a black court. However ,we highly recommend that the court is then painted to maximise life span of the surface.

Resurfacing an older Macadam (Tarmac) court with Artificial Grass

As an older Macadam surface begins to break up it is possible to add artificial grass to the surface, this adds an even and regulated ball bounce, high performance play and a cushioned feel.

TigerTurf and Playrite installer we can install artificial grass to your Tennis Court in 1 and 2 colour options with a playing speed and feel suitable for our client or facility.

TigerTurf Approved contractor. SAPCA member (The Sports and Play Construction Association).