The best of non-cushioned tennis surfaces, acrylic surfaces are prone to cracking and drainage issues due to the UK climate. A non-porous surface, which can sit in water for much of the year, it requires a good regular maintenance programme to ensure it does not become contaminated with mould, moss and algae.

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Intensive Maintenance and Cleaning

We use specialist pressure washing equipment developed specifically for delicate sports surfaces.


The UK climate can be very hard on Acrylic surfaces. By nature they are non-porous so often sit in water, frost, ice and snow which can cause surface cracking and movement around drains. We can repair the surface with a colour matched acrylic binder that will leave the pitch feeling and looking as good as new.


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Moss, mould and algae easily takes hold on a porous surface; left untreated the Macadam breaks up and needs replacement. Weeds can also penetrate tarmac if left untreated. Regular chemical treatments stop growth of moss, mould, algae and weeds and will keep your surface in the best playing condition.