Cricket wickets are a tensioned surface, therefore repairs are done as a last resort to get it through one last season before it is replaced. Heavy wear areas, generally on the batting end of an artificial wicket, can become damaged. At Kings School, Ely this had happened mid-season so as a regular contractor and experts in cricket wickets we were asked to undertake the repairs.

The process

The damaged surface was carefully cut and removed. A perfect match to the existing grass was found.

With cricket grass being very thin and ‘open woven’ the amount of glue used to patch-in new grass has to be very carefully controlled. Once it the glue is spread thinly on tape the entire seam is weighted. Once the glue is cured the weights can be removed, edges of the seams checked then the whole wicket can be re-tensioned.

The result

Cricket wicket surface repair is a very cost-effective option rather than replacement if a wicket needs to last another season! The school was delighted with the result and were happy with how the repairs held out and have commissioned Artificial Grass Maintenance to install a new wicket in 2018.