4G Installation
& Resurfacing

4G Ideal Football & Rugby

4G Installation

  • A free site visit from an honest, experienced site manager
  • 4G surfaces are the perfect choice for Football & Rugby, offering a realistic feel good consistent bounce and able to withstand very high usage levels
  • They are ideal for all year round play
  • As a TigerTurf installer we are able to offer some of the best quality 4G grass available.

Services we offer:

  • Design and build to your requirements
  • Resurfacing for older 3G surfaces
  • Upgrade fencing
  • Change of use from older macadam or sand filled artificial grass to 4G
  • Repairs to base
  • A full range of lighting including flood lights and state of the art LEDs
  • Supply of goals and nets

4G Installation & Resurfacing

Construction is usually a 40mm - 60 mm which is supported and weighted with silica sand then in-filled with rubber crumb. The characteristics give a realistic ball bounce and a soft playing surface - ideal for ground contact. 4G pitch artificial grass is a fantastic alternative to natural grass and meets the FIFA, FA, IRB, RFU and RFL accreditations of the football and rugby governing bodies in the UK.


Artificial grass type surfaces have become extremely popular for high impact sports such as football and rugby as the technology has advanced over the years.

From the basic mat style fake grass used in the early days, synthetic surfaces now provide a realistic ‘grass like’ playing experience thanks to the way the latest technology effectively emulates the playing characteristics of real grass.

The de facto standard is currently 3G with its combination of realistic ball bounce and good playability, but the next generation of artificial grass tech - the 4G pitch surface - is upon us.

What is a 4G pitch?

While a 3G surface uses a combination of rubber crumb and silica sand as its infill material to help keep the blades of grass upright and provide a realistic ball bounce, the new 4G artificial pitch type dispenses with the need for any type of 4G pitch infill due to its extra fibre content.

This immediately has an implication for 4G pitch maintenance in that the need for occasionally replacing or rejuvenating the infill in 3G surfaces is removed as there is none at all in a 4G pitch.

While terms such as ‘astroturf’ ‘artificial grass’ and ‘4G’ may be used interchangeably, there are differences between them. Astroturf (a US company amongst the first to offer artificial grass) has become a generic term similar to the way people say ‘Hoover’ to mean vacuum cleaner.

Pioneers in 4G pitch development

Artificial grass is more accurately describing an alternative to grassed areas such as gardens and lawns: the term ‘4G pitch’ more specifically describes a technology applicable to sports surfaces - particularly those designed for high impact sports such as football and rugby.

While 3G surfaces are fully endorsed by sports bodies such as FIFA (football) and the RFU (rugby), the 4G artificial pitch type is not yet recognised by any sporting bodies. So far they are not in wide use - a search for ‘4G pitches near me’ may not yield huge results yet - but current research and technology indicates that non-infill 4G pitches will become more widespread in due course.

We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of sports surface developments, so we are working with the emerging 4G pitches technology closely and, as approved installers of a market leading artificial grass manufacturer in TigerTurf, are in an ideal position to become your 4G pitch suppliers of choice with TigerTurf’s and ours over 20 years experience in working with artificial surfaces.

4G pitch maintenance

While synthetic sports playing surfaces require far less maintenance than conventional grass and can be used more or less whatever the weather, a degree of care and attention is required. Consequently, we offer the winning combination of the latest 4G pitch maintenance equipment and two decades’ experience of looking after a variety of sports surfaces to ensure your 4G pitch installation consistently performs to its optimum.

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4G pitch maintenance

Along with one-off 4G pitch cleaning and renovation work, we provide ongoing care to your surface by way of a 4G pitch maintenance schedule tailored to your particular requirements and situation. Your needs may depend on aspects such as usage, weather conditions (high rainfall area or extreme cold for example), so we will provide regular maintenance as appropriate to help you stay within your 4G pitch funding budget levels.

Installation and repairs

Perhaps you wish to replace an older surface, such as tarmacadam, or a previous generation sand filled artificial grass surface with a new 4G pitch? Maybe you are starting from scratch and looking for a brand new 4G pitch installation?

Whatever your aims, we can put our 20 years experience at your disposal to include supplying related 4G pitch equipment such as fencing, goal posts, netting and lighting including state of the art LED.

Talk to the 4G pitch pros

To start with we would come and visit you and discuss your requirements, outline your options, and provide a full and inclusive 4G pitch cost quotation. Once you decide on your 4G pitch specification, we will agree a timetable with you for the work to be undertaken so you know exactly when play can commence on your brand new 4G pitches.

To complement your new surfaces, we can put in place your 4G pitch maintenance package to ensure your pitches are kept in the same condition over time as when they were first installed.

Ongoing support

Repairs and renovations to existing surfaces are also very much our forte, so if there are signs of wear then call us in: prompt attention to even a small tear or minor split seam will prevent longer term damage and the playability of your pitches being affected adversely. A regular maintenance schedule also helps flag up minor damage before it becomes too serious.