Though the quality, durability and aesthetics of our products speak for themselves, there are few better ways to understand the benefits of artificial grass than by looking at a real life installation.

So to help all our potential customers out there decide if an artificial lawn is for them, we’re taking an in depth look at some of our recent installations and the spectacular results they’ve achieved.

The problem

As NCT Charity notes, “being outside is the perfect place for kids to be kids with the freedom to shout, jump, run, hop or skip. In fact, by taking your children outdoors and supporting their play, you can help their development”. However, due to various issues, a lot of schools in the UK don’t have suitable outside play areas.

When All Saints Academy in Cambridgeshire got in touch, they were having ongoing problems with drainage issues in parts of their playground. This meant that areas of the school’s outside space were unusable in poor weather, with muddy puddles and an uneven surface, which made the area dangerous for young children. The most affected part of the playground was also partially covered by a fixed awning. This restricted the amount of sun reaching the ground and prevented the grassed area from drying after it had rain, and therefore from growing evenly.

The solution

Due to the existing issues with the space, laying a new lawn wouldn’t have solved the long term issue and it’s likely the school would have had to renovate the space again in a few years time. As they wanted to brighten up the space and retain a natural feel, the school also didn’t want to cover the grass with a hard surface.

This meant that artificial grass was the perfect solution to All Saints Academy’s outdoor issues. Not only would the installation give them a smooth, colourful and useful new outside space, it would also solve much of the drainage issue that previously affected the area.

The work to install the new artificial lawn was carried out over a weekend so no school days were interrupted. Extra drainage was installed to help prevent water from building up in the area and our bright, bold Queens artificial grass was chosen to add a splash of colour to the play area.

The result

The finished play area has transformed the school playground. In the words of preschool manager Tracy Pooley, “prior to the installation of artificial grass within the preschool outdoor areas, it was very difficult to offer outdoor play to the children throughout the year. However the artificial grass installed by the team at Artificial Grass Maintenence has made such a difference; the children are free to play and learn outdoors no matter what weather. We are no longer restricted to certain areas of the outdoor environment during poor weather and the artificial grass looks fresh, welcoming and bright.

The company were incredibly flexible with installation dates and completed all of the work over the weekend; meaning no disruption to the running of the pre-school during the week. The team at Artificial Grass Maintenance did an excellent job; we would highly recommend their company.”

If you want to bring your garden, play area or sports fields to life and provide a year-round surface for kids to enjoy, take a look around our site or get in touch with a member of our team.

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