Land at City centre schools is often located in awkward areas close to school buildings, it’s often less usable than traditional playgrounds. In order to make the most of these spaces, schools need to think a little outside the box and do something just a little bit different.

One school in central Cambridge recently had this exact issue to tackle. They wanted to transform a previously disused part of their grounds into a bright, attractive and versatile space, all without disrupting school life or spending a lot of their much needed funds. This is where we came in. Using our experience, expertise and high quality products, we transformed the area and gave the school an outside space they could really enjoy.

The problem

The area that we were called in to work on had previously been disused for a number of years. It was dark, waterlogged and unattractive and the school children were banned from playing in the courtyard because of the hazardous nature of the surface. As the school wasn’t sure how to transform the area, they’d left if to deteriorate. As a result, the space had been damaged by water over time and needed a complete overhaul. Another issue that added to the difficulty of working on the space was the poor access available. This prevented heavy machinery from being brought in and meant much of the work had to be carried out by hand.

The work

When we went in to give this disused piece of land a facelift; we did the work at the weekend, so that there would be no disruption to the pupils or teachers at the school. It also meant we could bring materials through classrooms more easily and get the job done quicker. We began by clearing the entire area and installing an extra soak-a-way drain to help remove the excess water from the space. The school chose our bestselling Queens grass to go into the courtyard as they felt its rich, bold colour would brighten up the school’s exterior and make the area look more colourful. Drain covers in the courtyard were left open so that contractors would be able to access them easily in the future.

The result

Since the work was completed, all of the staff and pupils at the school have been thrilled with the result. By giving this once depressing area a brand new look, we were able to transform it into an integral part of the school grounds. The area is now used for story time, play time and has even hosted a stage production – not bad for a space that was once unloved and out of bounds. To find out more about the work we do, or to enquire about a job of your own, contact a member of our team today.