We wanted to take the opportunity to showcase one of our more unusual projects – a home hockey pitch. Although we’ve installed and resurfaced many hockey pitches over the years, we haven’t built many in private homes. Particularly special for us, this was a fantastic chance to scale down our sports pitch design and transform a garden into a beautiful and useful space, this was one project we were especially excited to take on.

The challenge

The location of the installation was a newly built house in Comberton. While building the property, the owners decided to finish their garden off with a specially laid artificial lawn, making the feature even more useful by allocating an area of the space to be used as a hockey pitch for their daughters. As their children played to a high standard, the pitch needed to be suitable for heavy use and serious play. The benefits of an artificial lawn is that it requires very little maintenance, most importantly it provides a durable and long lasting space.

The surface

As SFM Magazine says, “because of the very nature of the game of field hockey, the quality of the playing surface has a tremendous impact – for better or worse – on play”. So in order to ensure the finished pitch was as good as can be, we chose to use our high quality Kings Artificial Grass. As well as giving the pitch a smooth, even surface, this type of grass provides a natural finish, ensuring the lawn looks as good as it plays.

Underneath the artificial grass we installed a consolidated 150ml dynamic base with a SD25 shock pad, finishing it off with a Tigerturf Evo Pro sports grass. Perfect for aspiring professionals, this high end surface will look and feel great for years.


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The result

The owners of the house were extremely pleased with the finished result. The smooth transition between the ornamental area of the lawn and the playing surface gave the garden a unified aesthetic, while added landscaping helped the artificial surface to blend seamlessly into the overall design, which is always an important factor in undertaking any project of this kind. The perfect result for families who like to make the most of their outside space, this dual purpose garden will keep both the parents and kids happy for years to come.

If you’d like to find out more about our products, or if you’re interested in installing an artificial surface yourself, take a look around our site or contact a member of our team. We are always happy to help with any advice you might need in sorting out a project.