We wanted to take the opportunity to showcase one of our more unusual projects – a home hockey pitch. Although we’ve installed and resurfaced many hockey pitches over the years, we haven’t built many in private homes. Particularly special for us, this was a fantastic chance to scale down our sports pitch design and transform a garden into a beautiful and useful space, this was one project we were especially excited to take on.

The Challenge

  • To lay both an area of artificial lawn, and an area of the space to be used as a hockey pitch.
  • It was unsafe for the children and ultimately was unused.

Services used

  • Part/Full Surface Rejuvination
  • Infill replacement
  • Resurfacing
  • Chemical Treatment

The solution

  • The curbs were extended to just outside the fencing.
  • Extended out the surface using concrete to incorporate the recessed goals.
  • Drainage holes were drilled at 600mm centres into the entire surface, adding pea gravel to the holes.
  • Fencing was extended on two sides to give an extra 2m of soft fencing to protect the school's greenhouses and neighbouring homes. This was an option that no other contractor was able to give, a cost effective alternative, it allowed the budget to be put towards the surface and shockpad.
  • The entire surface was covered in Playrite® Matchpad 1500 shockpad to help give even ball bounce and create a safe surface for the children.


The pitch feel and playability is back to normal and no sign of contamination. AlgoClear Pro is applied to protect the surface from moss, mould and algae for a further 4-6 months. The club were very pleased with the results and no more green socks for the players!