Having access to your very own private court is not only great for your racquet skills, it’s also a fantastic way to entertain friends and family, stay fit and get some fresh air.

We recently had the opportunity to work on one family’s very impressive tennis court. Located within the private grounds of Woburn Abbey, the sand-filled court was in dire need of an overhaul to bring it up to scratch and make it playable.

The Challenge

  • For many years, the tennis court had been poorly maintained by another contractor.
  • By the time we were called in, the facility was in a fairly bad state of repair.
  • Algae and moss contamination had made the court virtually unplayable, while the lack of good quality maintenance had severely impacted on the appearance of the court.

Services used

  • Part/Full Surface Rejuvination
  • Infill replacement
  • Resurfacing
  • Chemical Treatment

The solution

  • Mechanical removal all of the debris that had built up on the court over the years.
  • All of the infill in the court was sifted and filtered, and all of the contaminated material was then removed from the site.
  • The edges of the tennis court were meticulously weeded and all moss was eliminated.
  • The entire surface was then treated with AlgoClear Pro, a highly effective chemical treatment used by our professional contractors.


Once all the work had been completed, the results were truly impressive. The tennis court is now free of contaminates and debris, the original rich green colour has been restored and the lines are once more crisp, white and bright. The court now offers an excellent surface for playing and fits in perfectly with the rest of the beautifully maintained gardens in Woburn Abbey.